Mature phase

While you might be focusing your internal resources on new products, you should build a strategy to maintain existing products successfully in the market and potentially identify areas to further increase market share

Because budgets are limited you will need to optimize your sales presence and ensure that you are utilizing different channels efficiently. Customer-centric multi-channel pharma marketing improves productivity under constrained promotional budgets through focusing closely on healthcare stakeholders and tailoring digital and traditional engagement techniques to the customer.

You will also need to prepare for the potential loss of exclusivity and consider when and how to scale down marketing activities. 

  • Maintaining market share: Keeping patients loyal
  • Tracking outcomes: Staying relevant 

Maintaining market share: Keeping patients loyal and maintain stakeholder relations

You need to maintain market share, so differentiation strategies and building patient loyalty are key. To achieve this, you should consider:

  • Patient support programs
  • Online patient communities
  • Localized patient data analysis
  • Patient identification
  • Field nurse audits
  • Multi-channel marketing tailored to reach prescribers
  • Maintain stakeholder relations (e.g. with payers, subnational regulators, physician networks)
  • Local contracting with specified stakeholders (e.g. in Germany contracts for integrated care, risk share, etc. with payers) 

Tracking outcomes: Staying relevant

In order for a drug to be clinically and commercially successful, manufacturers must be able to demonstrate how it delivers value to the entire healthcare system. Tracking outcomes helps to understand progress and tailor next steps, therefore consider: 

  • Health economics and outcomes research
  • Observational studies
  • Outcomes tracking
  • Outcomes audits
  • Case finding

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