EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – March 3, 2003 – Quintiles Limited, a unit of Quintiles Transnational Corp. (Nasdaq: QTRN), today announced the eighth anniversary of its Scottish operations. Quintiles established its presence in Scotland on March 3, 1995, when it acquired the former Syntex facility in Riccarton in which it employed 194 people. Quintiles and its affiliates, Minerva Medical Ltd and the Royce Consultancy, now employ more than 1,400 employees in seven sites in Scotland.

Quintiles Chairman Dennis Gillings, Ph.D., said: "I am delighted with the growth of Quintiles in Scotland over the past eight years. Not only have we increased our workforce sevenfold, we have expanded the range of services we now offer to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries from our base in Scotland." Gillings made his comments while meeting with groups of staff at Riccarton to celebrate the eighth anniversary.

From its facilities in Scotland, Quintiles provides product development services including early development, central laboratory, packaging and distribution, clinical trial management and data management services. Quintiles also maintains its European human resource and finance administrative groups in Livingston.

"Quintiles is now, I believe, Scotland's leading employer in the biotechnology field. We continue to find the right caliber of employee in Scotland to help fuel the ongoing expansion of our services in Scotland," Gillings said. "In an environment of high academic standards and supportive business practices, we aim to continue to grow our Scottish business." Gillings is a member of Scottish Enterprise's International Advisory Board, announced in October 2002.

"Our facilities in Scotland contribute significantly to the Quintiles global business," Gillings said. "The investments the company have made in our operations here have not only fuelled our growth, they have enabled us to play a key role in the company's new technologies and process improvements, including eClinical from Quintiles."

Quintiles Transnational helps improve healthcare worldwide by providing a broad range of professional services, information and partnering solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries. Headquartered near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Quintiles is a member of the S&P 500 and Fortune 1000. For more information visit the company's Web site at www.quintiles.com.