ROTTERDAM, Netherlands – November 7, 2007 – Quintiles Consulting, a leading provider of product development, regulatory and market strategies to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries, today announced a new research partnership with the Institute for Life Sciences Business Economics (iLSBE) at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

The partnership will drive innovation in healthcare product pricing, reimbursement, market access and sales strategies by combining the academic strength of iLSBE with the practical experience and insight of Quintiles Consulting and its clients. Through the partnership, the two organizations will jointly identify new areas for business economics research based on Quintiles Consulting’s first-hand knowledge of industry challenges and the cutting-edge academic research capabilities of the iLSBE.

This academic partnership will provide Quintiles’ clients with access to pioneering, practical research at a time when innovative approaches to pricing and reimbursement, as well as marketing and sales, are needed to meet growing pressure from public and private payers alike,” said Jacco Keja, PhD, Vice President, Quintiles Consulting, Managed Markets. “Combining this strong academic backing with the depth and expertise of the world’s largest contract research and sales organization gives us a truly unique client offering spanning the entire product lifecycle.”

Walter van Dyck, PhD, iLSBE Managing Director, said: “Partnering with Quintiles provides a firm global base for conducting ground-breaking research and education in the area of life sciences marketing innovations. We expect this partnership to generate exciting advances in life sciences education and industry alike.”

The first area of collaboration identified is a study on the influence of formulary management and marketing on product adoption and diffusion in the United States. Quintiles will facilitate industry participation in the research, while insights gained through the research will afford Quintiles’ clients access to in-depth analysis to improve forecasting and planning.

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About iLSBE

The Institute for Life Sciences Business Economics (iLSBE) conducts business economic research on how Life Sciences companies bring research-based products and technology to healthcare markets. The focus of the Institute’s research and teaching is on how innovative life sciences technology (biotechnological, pharmaceutical, or medical device) gets adopted, diffused and marketed in global healthcare markets.

iLSBE conducts fundamental and applied business economic research, delivers postgraduate Master’s level classes and in-company education destined to life sciences practitioners. Furthermore it is actively involved in building an international academic and business community in the life sciences. For more information, please visit the institute’s Web site at

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