Quintiles Central Laboratory Services is pleased to announce that its lab in Buenos Aires, Argentina has received accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP), making it the 10th lab in what was already the largest network of CAP accredited labs.
“CAP accreditation for our Argentina facility is a very important approval, since it underscores our commitment to quality,” said Mamta Trivedi, Global Senior Director for Quintiles Central Laboratories. “It ensures a level of quality by upholding the same standards as all of our global labs, which adds stability, data integration and reduces variation in lab results.”

The CAP accreditation has become a global quality standard and is proof of good technical and management practice.
“All laboratories participating into the Quintiles Central Laboratories network are expected to be CAP certified, on top of the lab accreditations that are mandatory per local regulations for the lab to be authorized,” said Claire Huguet, Chief Scientific Officer, Quintiles Central Laboratories. The certification process is intended to improve patient safety by advancing the quality of pathology and laboratory services through education, setting standards and ensuring laboratories meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

The central lab in Buenos Aires handles clinical trial specimens in the course of trials managed by Quintiles Central Laboratory Services. Integration of this lab into the Quintiles Central Laboratory network is facilitated by Quintiles’ significant clinical presence in Buenos Aires, and its dedicated senior scientists that work in close collaboration with the lab’s staff to establish and control technical consistency with quality standards. The Buenos Aires lab has the capacity to service not only Argentina, but also Chile and Peru as needed when trials involve significant Latin American populations.

Quintiles Central Laboratory Services already has the largest wholly owned and now entirely CAP-accredited laboratory network in the world. This tightly controlled network of laboratories in the United States, Europe, South Africa, China, India and Singapore allows Quintiles to support global and regional trials in almost every country in the world. The Buenos Aires lab joins additional CAP-accredited partner labs in Brazil and Japan.

“CAP accreditation is granted after an on-site audit is conducted by a team of certified CAP auditors, who are typically clinical laboratory directors with broad and successful experience at lab management,” Huguet said. The audit is conducted from standardized CAP checklists to enforce a similar degree of stringency and ensure the CAP accreditation retains the same value across lab locations, she added.

“It took hard work and collaboration to get our partner lab in Argentina CAP accredited,” Trivedi said. “The successful result of that collaboration is testament to Quintiles’ influence and commitment to quality.”