RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – June 15, 2010 – Patients are emerging as an increasingly strong group when it comes to influencing the success and failure of new drugs – according to The New Health Report commissioned by Quintiles to gauge the opinions of bio pharma executives, managed care executives and patients, and to track progress in the New Health. “New Health” is how Quintiles describes the fast-morphing world of bio pharma, where companies are under relentless pressure to drive innovation and add value to drug development while continuing to enhance safety, ethics and stewardship.

“The era of bio pharma companies targeting physicians as the primary consumer is shifting as patients play an increasingly important role in drug development,” said Dipti Amin, M.D., Chief Compliance Officer at Quintiles. “Although patients may not yet fully understand their level of influence, many bio pharma executives are taking notice. They are addressing the quality, accessibility and cost concerns of the population through the delivery of drugs that safely and reliably address critical healthcare issues.”

According to the survey, almost one third (32%) of bio pharmaceutical executives think patients will be very or extremely influential in the success or failure of new drug therapies over the next five years. In stark contrast, only 11% of patients feel they will influence which new prescription drugs are available over that same time period.

The survey also reveals that the perception of how patients demonstrate influence varies considerably between bio pharma executives and patients themselves. Only 6% of bio pharma executives feel that patients show their influence most by choosing lifestyle or holistic approaches, despite 45% of patients who report they have made lifestyle changes within the past five years to avoid taking prescription drugs.

“This misalignment speaks volumes about bio pharma’s challenge to better understand patients and their perception of the value of prescription drugs in order to address the needs of this increasingly influential stakeholder group,” added Amin.

Additional findings from The New Health Report include:

What is the impact of the rise in generics?

Almost half (46%) of bio pharma executives believe a worsening of public health is likely if generics continue to gain market share.

What do patients think of patent protection?

Nearly all bio pharma executives (99%) and three-quarters (75%) of patients feel patent protection is important in promoting the development of new drug therapies. However, nearly one third (30%) of patients believe that drug companies should never be the only company that can make and sell a drug.

What should be the therapeutic area of greatest focus?

Bio pharma executives, managed care executives and patients all agree that oncology should be the therapeutic area of greatest focus in the next five years.

Which cancer should be a top priority?

Among patients, more than one in three (35%) feel breast cancer should be the priority focus, followed by lung cancer (16%) and leukemia (13%).

About the The New Health Report

The New Health Report is a national survey of bio pharmaceutical executives, managed care executives and members of the U.S. public. Richard Day Research of Evanston, Ill., conducted the survey on behalf of Quintiles and was responsible for all survey design, data analysis and data reporting. Data for this survey were collected in online interviews conducted between February 2 and March 22, 2010. Survey sample respondents included 144 bio pharmaceutical executives at the director level or above at large (annual revenues of more than $3 billion) and emerging (annual revenues of less than $100 million) companies, 129 managed care executives at the director level or above, and 1,048 U.S. adults ages 18+.

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