RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – September 27, 2011 – While biopharmaceutical spending in emerging markets is growing at double-digit rates – much faster than in developed nations – opportunities in “pharmerging” countries must be balanced with accompanying costs and risks of entering new markets.

A new report from Quintiles, Partnering to Maximize Rewards in Pharmerging Markets, details growth factors and trends for biopharma clinical research and commercialization in emerging markets, and outlines alliance strategies and best practices to share costs, risks and rewards.

“While opportunities abound for success in emerging markets, actual results have been mixed,” says the report’s author, Jack W. Pearson, MBA, Quintiles Global Vice President of Alliance Management and Market Development. “Our experience indicates that adopting a global strategy informed by local insights and experience is the best approach. Partnering allows a ‘think global, act local’ approach to opportunities in developing nations.”

Diverse demographics, disease profiles, health care systems, governmental controls and distribution systems in emerging markets require a deep understanding of the opportunities and risks matched to corporate strategy, risk tolerance and expectations on return. To learn more, click here to download Partnering to Maximize Rewards in Pharmerging Markets.

About Quintiles Alliance Management

Quintiles’ Alliance Management group is dedicated to developing and using industry-leading best practices to help Quintiles and its partners achieve shared success. The group has five goals for all alliances: build transparency and trust; support a common mission; ensure aligned objectives; establish authority for clear, timely decisions; and serve as an advocate for the alliance.

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