RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – September 19, 2011 –A perfect storm of stakeholder demands, unprecedented data access, new data channels and technologies is driving a dramatic shift in research methodologies among biopharmaceutical companies, according to a new report from Quintiles.

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The report, titled Methods Matter: Selecting the best real-world approach for evidence generation, states that biopharmaceutical firms are increasingly beginning with healthcare stakeholders’ needs when planning forward-looking, “real-world” research approaches.

Choosing the right approach to research is a critical decision for biopharma companies in the long journey from concept to market-approved product. In recent times, biopharma companies have widened their research approach from a previously singular focus on clinical outcomes to a broader perspective that incorporates clinical, economic and humanistic outcomes. Biopharmaceutical customers need to take a more proactive approach to demonstrate the real-world value of their products, observes the Quintiles report.

“Never before has the world of healthcare evidence generation been so rich and complex,” says the report’s author, Louise Parmenter, Ph.D., Senior Director, Late Phase Strategic Planning. “Today, robust data from naturalistic settings will play a critical role in demonstrating this value to the full spectrum of healthcare stakeholders, each of whom has different decisions to make and different questions to ask.”

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