Health reforms in biopharma’s key European markets reinforce the call for a focus on a wider range of stakeholders in order to bring a product to patients. While navigating regulatory approval is a well-known process, new stakeholders have different priorities and requirements for a broader set of evidence to support a products use.

Biopharma must be prepared to satisfy more than just efficacy and comparative effectiveness requirements for providers and payers making decisions about which drug is likely to benefit their populations.  With value-based pricing being implemented across Europe, companies need to clearly prove the additional benefits delivered by their product over and above that of current treatment to national HTA bodies. They must then address how the product will fit within local care pathways to drive adherence and compliance and result in the best outcome for local populations with varying health care needs.

This series of briefing papers addresses how to use insight on patients’ priorities in UK, Germany, Italy and Spain to create the right links with payers and providers and achieve long-term brand adoption in Europe.

Chris Pepler
Head of Commercial Services for Quintiles in Europe