READING, United Kingdom – 12 June, 2012 – Quintiles has released the first in a series of briefing papers looking at how market access strategies can help biopharma navigate the risk of commercialising their drugs in the context of healthcare reform across Europe. In the wake of the UK Health and Social Care bill and associated reforms, the paper addresses how biopharma must employ new approaches to demonstrating the value of their drug to a greater number of local commissioning groups, each with its own set of priorities.

Entitled Commissioning Care – The Importance of a Local Value story in UK Market Access and Adoption, and authored by UK Market Access Director, Gareth Williams, the paper explores why an understanding of local health care needs, delivery systems and budget priorities is key to success.

Chris Pepler, Quintiles’ head of Commercial Solutions for Europe comments, “While navigating regulatory approval is a well-known process, new stakeholders have different priorities and requirements for a broader set of evidence to support a products use.

“Biopharma must be prepared to satisfy more than just efficacy and comparative effectiveness requirements for providers and payers making decisions about which drug is likely to benefit their local populations. They must address how the product will fit within care pathways to drive adherence and compliance and result in the best outcome for local populations with varying health care needs.”

Robert Taylor, Head of Commercial in the UK said, “Biopharma needs to look at how they structure their marketing strategy in the context of changes to commissioning in the UK. A greater focus on strategic engagement with payers, rather than the traditional sales model is going to be required.

“Decision-makers want to know how a product can fit within the local healthcare delivery model and drive real health outcomes for their patients. This is where having a team of market access experts can provide benefit over the traditional sales model.”

Taylor and Williams have recorded a podcast expanding on the issues discussed in the paper.

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