IIT Made Easy Book Launch, January 2015SEOUL – January 23, 2015 – Quintiles today announced the launch of a handbook to guide physicians in the conduct of investigator initiated clinical trials. Top clinical researchers from academia and industry across Asia-Pacific joined Quintiles’ experts in contributing to and editing the handbook, which Quintiles sponsored as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance clinical research globally and create a healthier world.

Availability of the handbook, “Investigator Initiated Trials Made Easy,” was announced at a press conference held at Seoul National University Hospital in South Korea.

“Investigator initiated, patient-focused clinical trials play a vital role in improving and expanding patient care in the real world,” said Dr. Stephanie Tan, MBBS, Quintiles Site and Patient Network, Asia, the handbook’s co-editor and primary coordinator.  “This innovative, collaborative effort between academia and industry is designed to provide physicians the theoretical and practical foundation needed to conduct their own trials.”

Joining Dr. Tan at the press conference was co-editor Prof. Yung-Jue Bang, president of Seoul National University Hospital’s Biomedical Research Institute and director of its Clinical Trial Center. The third co-editor, Prof. K. Arnold Chan, director of National Taiwan University Hospital’s Clinical Trial Center (Taipei), was unable to attend the launch.

Prof. Bang said: “This handbook represents the consolidated expertise of 20 authors from across the world, many of whom are thought-leading investigators in their field. We came together because we want to advance medicine and improve patients’ lives through high-quality investigator initiated trials. We hope this handbook will be a stepping stone to more investigator-led clinical research into the treatment of diseases affecting patients in Asia-Pacific and around the world."

ITT Made Easy Investigator Initiated TrialsAt the press conference, Dr. Amar Kureishi, Quintiles Regional Chief Medical Officer and head of Drug Development Asia, said: “It gives us immense pleasure to see the creation of this handbook, which provides the basic tools for physicians to pursue scientific enquiry in their own institutions and in their own practices for the benefit of patients everywhere.”

To request a PDF copy of the handbook, visit www.quintiles.com/IIT-Made-Easy.

About Quintiles
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Appendix – Contributing Authors

  1. Professor Yung-Jue Bang MD, PhD (Seoul National University Hospital, South Korea)
  2. Professor K. Arnold Chan MD, ScD, FISPE (National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan)
  3. Dr. Stephanie Tan, MBBS (Quintiles, Singapore)
  4. Professor Danny Liew, BMedSc, MBBS (Hons), PhD, FRACP (Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia)
  5. Professor Ock-Joo Kim MD, PhD (Seoul National University Hospital, South Korea)
  6. Professor Pik Pin Goh MD, FRCS (Clinical Research Centre, Ministry of Health, Malaysia)
  7. Associate Professor Sith Sathornsumtee MD (Siriraj Hospital, Thailand)
  8. Dr. Lye Mun Tho MBBS, MRCP, FRCR, PhD (Private Practice, Malaysia)
  9. Dr. Sheau Wen Lok MBBS, FRACP (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia)
  10. Dr. Jana Baskar MBBS, MBA, GradDipPharmMed, MMedSc (Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Australia)
  11. Dr. Nantha Kumar MBBS (Pharmaceutical Company, Singapore)
  12. Dr. Loke Meng Ong MBBS, FRCP (Clinical Research Center, Penang Hospital,, Malaysia)
  13. Dr. Amir Kalali MD (Quintiles, USA)
  14. Dr. Vikas Sharma MBBS, MD(Quintiles, India)
  15. Dr. Kerry Gordon PhD (Quintiles, United Kingdom)
  16. Srinivas Pai Raikar (Quintiles, Singapore)
  17. Raghavendra Kalmadi (Quintiles, India)
  18. Lisa Marie Saldanha (Quintiles, Singapore)
  19. David Horsburgh (Quintiles, Singapore)
  20. Lilian Chan (Quintiles, Singapore)

Jay Johnson, Media Relations (jay.johnson@quintiles.com)

Karl Deonanan, Investor Relations (InvestorRelations@quintiles.com)