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Clinical Research Careers

Clinical Research Associate

As a CRA, you oversee the progress of a clinical trial on national level, ensuring that it is conducted, recorded and reported in accordance with the protocol, applicable Operating Procedures (SOPs), the highest quality standards and the relevant local regulations.

Clinical Trial Assistant

As a Clinical Trial Assistant you are to administer, maintain and co-ordinate the logistical aspect of clinical trials, according to GCP (good clinical practice) guidelines and relevant SOP’s (standard operating procedures).

Management Roles

As a Clinical Project Manager you will be the responsible for the execution of the assigned clinical studies, from initiation through to closeout. You will watch over the Sponsor´s satisfaction and will ensure quality deliverables on time and in accordance with policies and practices.

Site Start-Up Roles

Study Start-Up Group ensures fast patient recruitment and start-up for both local studies and complex multi-site, multinational studies.