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GFR (Global Functional Resourcing)

Nowadays pharma companies are rethinking the way they do business. The things that have made them successful in the past are not necessarily the things that will bring success in the future.

One of the transformational strategies that some pharma companies are adopting is the innovative Global Functional Resourcing Model (GFR) provided by Quintiles. The GFR Unit provides outsourcing support to Pharmaceutical Companies through the use of innovative, flexible/dedicated Clinical Resourcing Unit. This Unit offers the efficiencies and process improvements in the longer term while ensuring continued access to the scientific and institutional knowledge of a dedicated team.

The bottom line is that GFR can help a pharma company get its drug candidates to market faster, with improved productivity and reduced costs, while maintaining greater control over its headcount and operational costs.

Various models give our staff the opportunity to try themselves out in new roles while retaining their positions in the Quintiles office.

So, if you are passionate about drug discovery and bringing medicines to patients faster, we may have a place for you. Quintiles is able to offer a strong career path and wide career opportunities within its GFR model in clinical operations.

Clinical Operations

Quintiles pioneered the idea of helping pharma companies conduct objective clinical trials to establish not only whether a drug is effective, but who can take it safely. Our customers have relied on us to design and conduct rigorous clinical research for decades, from small studies to multinational mega-trials.

With more than 5,000 our clinical monitors in 80 countries, Clinical & Data Operations provides the fuel for the Clinical Development engine.

Each day we collect and manage data from thousands of patients in hundreds of clinical trials being conducted around the world. Ensuring the quality and timeliness of that data, and the safety of our patients, is at the heart of what we do.

On-site CRAs are fully dedicated to source data verification, IMP checking, storage and facilities checking.

With best trainings in the business our Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) are the consummate site managers who provide 360-degree management of all the site's needs.

So, if you are passionate about drug discovery and bringing medicines to patients faster, we may have a great place for you within Clinical Operations department.


Quintiles Project Coordination Center (PCC) is the Operational Hub for implementing an alternative clinical operations model that blends on-site monitoring with centralized site management and monitoring.

Project Coordination Center (PCC) provides centralized site management and monitoring services for studies with telephone and remote monitoring strategies or integrated monitoring strategies (combining both on-site and telephone/remote monitoring).

In the PCC department, the main roles are: In-house CRA (iCRA) performing remote/telephone visits, supporting trainings, query resolution, data cleaning and all other types of follow-up needed for sites which can be covered remotely and Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA) providing administrative support.

In this way, we can ensure data integrity of the best quality and maintain excellent site relationships, leading to successful patient recruitment and retention. Supported with the tools and clinical data access, the PCC can complete remote patient reviews to ensure that quality and safety are maintained on the study, which can be a particularly critical control mechanism in models utilizing significantly reduced Source Data Verifications (SDV) and/or long intervals between on-site visits.

Commercial solutions

Quintiles provides commercial solutions to pharmaceutical and healthcare companies across BRAZIL and have pioneered the concept of contract sales teams. Our field based employees are typically employed on a permanent basis and assigned to a project for the duration. As a project ends, we look to reassign these onto another project. This flexible approach provides great opportunities for our employees to quickly gain insight and experience in a range of therapeutic areas without moving to another company.This group helps customers optimize commercial value to all stakeholders across the entire brand lifecycle.

Quintiles has the world’s largest Commercial solutions organization dedicated to the launch and marketing of products on a country-specific, regional or global basis, with 10,000+ field professionals in more than 30 countries addressing physician and patient needs.

Our Commercial solutions area includes:
  • Sales Solutions, including the recruitment, training and deployment of customer-managed primary and secondary sales teams; health management services; and vacancy management.
  • Medical Communications to promote physician education and communications programs, including symposia, exhibition support at major scientific congresses, advisory boards and publication planning.
  • Brand Solutions that leverage Quintiles’ extensive Commercial capabilities together with marketing management expertise, to take complete or partial responsibility for a brand.
  • Product Solutions that leverage Quintiles’ insight to help achieve a commercially-guided clinical strategy for both products and portfolios, helping to ensure faster market access and sustained commercial success.
  • Patient-Centric Services that employ an integrated, closed–loop approach to patient acquisition, adherence and retention to build brand value.

Integrated Site Services collaborate to Drive Value to Customers, through innovative, high quality, cost effective solutions; demonstrated by accelerated patient recruitment leading to shortened study timelines. We will achieve this by building strong site relationships and patient centric strategies.

Feasibility and Site ID
Feasibility - It is a strategic process through which we make a recommendation on whether the study can be successfully conducted; is much more than an operational process to identify specific sites. To evaluate the possibility to run clinical trials globally, in particular regions, or propose additional countries for a given region according to the possibilities based on disease prevalence, standard of care and experience. 
Site ID - It is a strategic process through which we look for the best sites that fit protocol requirements to make sure the study will be delivery with quality and within the timelines.
To look for the best sites who will treat the patients according to ICH-GCP so we will taking care of patients’ safety. 
RSU (Regulatory & Start-up) - “Best in Class” Regulatory & Start-Up group that, by accelerating start up and offering a positive customer experience, establishes us ahead of the competition and ensures that new and better medicines are developed for the patients that need them in accordance with all applicable regulations

Administrative Areas

Not everyone at Quintiles has a life science background, but everyone contributes to making healthcare better. Behind the people who work in laboratories and hospitals is the team who handles the administrative side of the business. From human resources to accounting, from business development to IT, your work will help Quintiles streamline the drug approval process and get more therapies to people who need them. Besides a minimum of an undergraduate degree, you’ll need these skills:
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Analytical thinking
  • Commitment

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