Accelerate Adoption & Adherence

Foster market performance with brand loyalty

Tap into a patient network 2.4 billion strong to build digital communities and develop relationships that accelerate product adoption, build adherence and ultimately drive brand loyalty.

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>220 product launches in 20 countries

More than 220 product launches in 20 countries in the last 5 years (2009–2014).

Create lasting, successful patient relationships

A strong patient relationship can accelerate go-to-market strategies, compel adherence and encourage support beyond patent expiration. But finding the right patients and disseminating the appropriate information can be difficult without sound connections and strategies.

Solidify patient relationships through digital communities

Quintiles can help you identify appropriate patient profiles among 2.4 billion digitally connected patients around the globe. We then help you incorporate the right strategies to build a dedicated patient community of those living with the condition and maintain steady engagement with the patients using your product.

Digital communities can help:

  • Accelerate adoption. Connect with clinical trial alumni, Quintiles' existing patient communities, and the greater digital universe to help make patient conversations as well informed and positive as possible.
  • Build adherence. Develop your community of patients, understand what drives their behavior and customize your messaging and contact strategy accordingly using Quintiles' proprietary Digital Patient Platform.
  • Drive loyalty. Create long-term relationships with your patients, providing them with the content and tools that make your brand indispensable – extending the life beyond patent expiration.

Greater product advocacy and deepened loyalty can help your product achieve sustained market success. 

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