As outsourcing within biopharma companies has increased, partnerships have become more strategic with companies looking to maximize asset value by increasing speed to patient and optimizing productivity and efficiency of clinical development. There is a clear trend toward closer relationships with fewer CROs and longer contracts. However, historical challenges typical to clinical development outsourcing continue to pose a threat to fully achieving expectations promised by such deep relationships. Partnerships are not immune to: lack of rigor in clinical development planning; protocol discipline and instability; difficulty balancing flexibility vs. efficiencies gained through standardization; communication breakdowns in governance, issue escalation and oversight. However, unlike traditional CRO vendor relationships, partnerships provide a unique opportunity to address these common challenges in a transparent, collaborative and truly holistic way, unlocking greater potential from each partner for the greater benefit of both.

Quintiles Advisory Services designs and executes custom strategic partnership models for biopharma companies. We offer this expertise across the product life cycle, from strategy and early phase to post-authorization and commercial. Whether looking for help in designing a protocol, to gaining market access or outsourcing an entire clinical development organization, our team is equipped to develop the strategy and tactics for meeting your business goals. The approach includes providing the bench strength for operationalizing the plan over extended periods of time as our biopharma partners stand up their own operating infrastructure. This allows our partners to focus resources in order to expand the pipeline; increase productivity by reducing costs and timelines while improving quality; increase predictability of forecasts and budgets; and improve their probability of success.