Product launches are critical in biopharma companies’ long term success, yet they are increasingly challenged in today’s environment. Biopharma companies are struggling to find solutions to these challenges (rising costs and restrictive market access) and in most cases, are failing to meet sales expectations. Changes in healthcare systems (increased focus on value and local market heterogeneity amongst IDNs, ACOs, hospital consortia, trusts, etc.) and pharma dynamics (access hurdles and more competition at launch) make launches even more challenging. Navigating through these changes requires a new way of thinking that blends innovative clinical and commercial considerations early, and often, in the development process.

Quintiles Launch Innovation Strategy solution can help commercial teams by diagnosing current launch readiness, creating highly customized playbooks, tailoring them with respect to local healthcare delivery dynamics (i.e., payers, providers and patient demographics) while empowering execution. Quintiles is uniquely positioned to guide product launch excellence by leveraging its global drug development expertise, analytic capabilities and global/local operational (sales & marketing) experience in an integrated service offering.

Our Thinking

High-level strategies for accelerated and efficient product launches