The changing healthcare landscape poses significant challenges to the traditional, segmented biopharmaceutical product development model. Asset development has become increasingly complex as companies trying to optimize their ROI work to meet the value objectives and evidence needs of different stakeholders in order to optimize the return on their assets. Addressing these needs in a non-integrated, linear way leads to decision-making biases, competing priorities, missed value-creation opportunities and adverse downstream operational consequences. It’s time for a new paradigm.

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The Quintiles Integrated Asset Development Planning solution is an end-to-end, cross-functional approach that offers clinical, commercial and regulatory insight across all phases of product development. The focus, even in early development, is on achieving faster market access and sustained commercial success. The approach combines therapeutic area expertise, tools, models and data – as well as a forward-looking, decision-oriented outlook – to seamlessly integrate the key planning components required for successful asset development and commercialization.

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Quintiles Integrated Asset Development Planning Launch Video
Quintiles Integrated Asset Development Planning Launch Video