The changing healthcare landscape poses significant challenges to the traditional, segmented biopharma product development model. As the industry increasingly looks for more integration and a greater depth of evidence, market insights alone are not enough. And when it comes to market research, insights alone aren’t enough. You need research combined with strategy – a clear path forward based on a robust understanding of current industry trends, competitor analysis, and clinical and medical intelligence.

The Quintiles Market Intelligence and Market Planning Solution helps you go beyond market research to integrate insights across competitors, products, markets and customers for a fully integrated market intelligence view. We provide strategic direction to your most complex business challenges by bringing together our global team of clinical, commercial and methodological experts; a highly efficient and streamlined research process; and comprehensive insights from our primary and secondary research. Our solution offers:

  • Insights and analytics meaningfully enhanced by Quintiles’ in-depth expertise
  • Multiple stakeholder perspectives
  • Findings from big data as an additional source of intelligence
  • Market-validated and actionable recommendations