Mature products – products that are close to patent expiry or have recently lost their exclusivity – are often neglected or under-promoted. Innovative companies need to focus on developing a “string of pearls” to provide new, but smaller revenue streams to replace aging blockbusters and so often cannot sufficiently resource mature products. Biopharma companies have different options for dealing with mature products: actively promote or co-promote through a partner; minimize investment to enjoy benefits from prior promotional investments; or divest the product. For mature product portfolios, companies must consider untapped sales potential or life cycle opportunities. They must also determine whether additional investments will generate positive returns and how many internal resources to focus on the asset.

The Quintiles Mature Product Management Solution helps biopharma clients consider alternatives for creating value from their mature products, including outsourced sales / marketing promotion and divestment. Once a strategic direction has been set, Quintiles also offers outsourcing capabilities to develop and implement programs aimed at capturing incremental value and let your organization focus on critical future revenue drivers.

White Paper Oct 27, 2015
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