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    Through its extensive LC/MS/MS and ligand-binding capabilities, our Bioanalytical lab team also offers biomarker method development, biomarker validation and biomarker sample analysis to global pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations.

    Biomarker Services include:

    • LC/MS and nanoLC/MS biomarker assays
    • Ligand binding biomarker assays
    • Automated immunoaffinity capture technology
    • Biomarker method development
    • Biomarker method validation - "fit-for-purpose" and definitive quantitation
    • Biomarker sample analysis

    Quintiles is one of the few bioanalytical laboratories successfully employing immunoprecipitation techniques and 3D LC for contract biomarker research or services . Our team has the experience and knowledge to address your biomarker challenges. Expertise in development and validation of definitive quantitation addressing endogenous analytes, including proteinspeptides, lipids, neurotransmitters, steroids, amino acids, among others.


    Surrogate Matrix and Surrogate Analyte Approaches for Definitive Quantitation of Endogenous Biomolecules 

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    Quantification of gemcitabine incorporation into human DNA by LC/MS/MS as a surrogate measure for target engagement

    Wickremsinhe, E.R.1; Lutzke, BS.1; Jones, B.R.2; Schultz, G.A.2; Freeman, A.B.1; Pratt, S.E.1; Bones, A.M.1Ackermann, B.L.1

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    Quintiles highly trained scientists utilize novel techniques and state of the art technology to develop customized solutions for your biomarker challenges.
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