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  • Drug Discovery & Metabolism

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    In Vitro ADME and Metabolite Identification

    Quintiles offers drug discovery, in vitro ADME and metabolite identification services. Our Indianapolis, IN-based lab utilizes HPLC, MS/MS, radioprofiling, PCR and in vitro technologies to deliver a range of pre-clinical services:

    In Vitro Discovery Services

    • Precipitation/solubility screening
    • Metabolite stability
    • CYP inhibition and induction
    • Permeability assays
    • Time dependent inhibition
    • Clearance evaluation
    • Reaction phenotyping

    Metabolism Services

    • Metabolite fingerprinting
    • Metabolite profiling
    • In vitro and in vivo metabolism identification
    •  Radioprofiling

    Discovery Bioanalytical Services

    • High throughput bioanalytical
    • Blood-brain barrier transport analysis

    Our 22,000-sq.ft. Drug Discovery and Metabolism Center of Excellence includes:

    • Seven wet laboratories 
    • Orbitrap, triple quadrapole, time-of-flight, and ion trap mass spectrometry equipment
    • Automated in vitro sample preparation and handling equipment
    • Radioprofiling capabilities

    We employ best practices to ensure scientific integrity that sets the bar within the industry. For specific details of our record, please contact clinical@quintiles.com. 

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Quintiles provides high quality ADME support, customizable to clients’ needs, while ensuring scientific integrity and quality.
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  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Quintiles offers an extensive list of available ADME screening services, definitive in vitro assays, and metabolite profiling and identification services.
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