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  • Model-Based Drug Development

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    What if you could select the right dose, population, study and program design – before you invest time and money in the trial?

    Our Model-Based Drug Development team helps you minimize risk by showing you how different strategies could play out before you decide which one to implement. It’s a smarter approach to give your molecules, studies and overall portfolio the best chance of success.

    Modeling and simulation services for better drug development decisions

    • Population PK/PD Modeling and SimulationIdentify the concentration-response relationship to solve your dosing strategy
    • Clinical Trial Simulation ­– Test various trial designs in silico before running the actual study to establish the most efficient and informative solution
    • Decision/Scenario Analyses ­– Determine the probabilities of success for a compound or program design
    • Portfolio Optimization ­– Improve your ROI and net present value against your competition through the selection of the most advantageous compound and program design

  • Modeling and simulation strategies

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    This paper discusses how the increasing availability of health data, improving analytic tools, and regulatory encouragement are facilitating wider use of modeling and simulation to address complex medical questions. The goal is to use models and simulations to test assumptions and make predictions that improve planning and decision-making across the full spectrum of therapeutic innovation.  Read more

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    This paper explores the use of modeling and simulation to quantify problems and test assumptions in the clinical development process. Emerging applications are now being used to predict drug safety and efficacy, to plan individual trials and Phase I-III development programs, and to better manage research portfolios. These applications offer a glimpse of the biopharmaceutical industry’s modeling and simulation-informed future. Read more

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    The main statistical areas of the CSDD expertise are adaptive designs, model based drug development, missing data methods, data mining, subgroup analysis and biomarker discovery, multiplicity issues, and Bayesian methods and techniques. Read more about our services and hear about our work collaborating with Janssen on training and specialized consulting. Read more

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    In this on-demand webinar, Dr Seth Berry and Dr Russell Reeve explain and demonstrate how model-based drug development can help to improve communication across disciplines, to utilize the many data domains to improve drug development, and to make better, quantitative, data-driven decisions. View Webinar

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    This webinar will provide insight into the latest scientific and regulatory thinking around the use of early-phase QT data and concentration QT modeling as a predictor of cardiac risk, ultimately improving decisions about further development and future study design. View webinar

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Whether you are planning a TQT study and needing design advice or if your drug has already hit a cardiac safety road bump and needs help dealing with false positive results, Quintiles Concentration-QT (C-QT) modeling services can help predict and provide clarity before making that next go / no-go decision. Read more