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  • Clinical Trial Planning & Design

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    How can you maximize the value of your molecule while balancing risk, time and cost? Design with the outcome in mind.

    Optimize your clinical trial planning with Quintiles’ integrated design. Collaborating with your molecule experts upfront, we bring together a team of our specialists in trial delivery, drug development, therapeutic areas and commercialization. They analyze relevant market and historical data, powered by Quintiles Infosario. Using our interactive computer-assisted design, our strategists create the optimal scenarios for your drug studies. We partner with you from clinical trial design through execution to enable smarter, faster decision-making.

    Integrating clinical trial design optimizes timelines and your product’s potential

    • Connect strategy to execution – Inform planning with real-world input for better implementation 
    • Develop multiple scenarios – See all possible options with data visualizations of future outcomes 
    • Accelerate enrollment – Make more accurate predictions for patient enrollment curves 
    • Mitigate risk – Make smarter benefit/risk/value assessments
    • Strengthen commercial viability – Maximize portfolio value and ROI 
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  • Clinical trial design that increases your chance of success

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Planning & Design services, powered by Infosario ®  help our customers make better, smarter benefit-risk-value assessments and investment decisions that will allow them to balance time, cost, and risk across their portfolio, program, or product. Find out more

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Good design practice should sit at the heart of biopharma’s efforts to transform itself and break the on-sustainable cycle of product development failure and poor return on investment.
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