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    To make the right market decisions, you need pharmaceutical market research that’s grounded in reality and designed for action.

    Our market intelligence experts work closely with you at any stage of your product’s lifecycle. You’ll have access to our proprietary tools for pharma market research, decision modeling and analytics. Drawing on 30 years of clinical and commercial experience, we translate rich market insights into practical plans.

    Discover how our market intelligence experts can help you:

    • Understand your marketplace to provide effective opportunity assessments
    • Identify and model new product acceptance, strategic positioning, behaviorally based market segments and product forecasting
    • Maximize value using linked model revenue/pricing, techniques to develop communications platforms and competitive readiness and response analyses

  • Pharmaceutical market research expertise

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    Alternative segmentations must be compared by the amount of information they convey about a set of customer attributes. This article presents a simple and effective new metric to compare different segmentations on a common basis—the information they convey about a particular set of relevant attributes.  Read article

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Crucial decisions hinge on market research guidance. With evolving stakeholder and regulatory dynamics, global expansion and resource constraints, getting a drug to market is more difficult than ever, and Quintiles is your best ally.
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