• Drive patient adherence and compliance, prescriber/payer acceptance

  • In the face of healthcare complexity, knowledge is power. The more you educate your audiences about your product, the higher your chances of success.

    • Increase drug adherence and compliance through targeted educational services
    • Engage all stakeholders with strategic communications via multiple channels and tools
    • Leverage patient communications via tailored online communities to gain better understanding of the patient
    • Demonstrate brand value through intervention feedback and real-world data collection
  • Our Perspectives 

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    Clinical Educator Programs

    Quintiles has a solution to help deliver the critical information pharma provides and doctors and patients need. Read fact sheet

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    Improving Adherence

    Overcome accessibility issues and limited resources to deliver ongoing education to healthcare professionals and encourage better adherence among patients. Read case study

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    A Patient Centric Focus

    In this article explains how a patient-centric focus can be used to support delivery of brand strategy, innovative sales and marketing solutions, and market entry models. Read article


    Video Spotlights 

  • Educating patients and prescribers can open more doors for your brand

    Payers are gaining a greater voice, and proving evidence of value starts with patient education.

    Dedicated clinical educators can help improve patient outcomes – and build your brand. Read more

    To increase patient adherence, we worked with over 600,000 diabetes patients and clinicians. Learn how

    Understanding real-world patients is the key to more effective market access programs. Find out more