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  • Clinical Educators & Nurse Advisors

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  • Quintiles Clinical Trial

    To ensure patient adherence, education is a powerful tool. Clinical nurse educators offer a new approach to motivate patients.

    Quintiles clinical nurse educators – also known as nurse advisors – are credentialed healthcare providers with years of experience educating and managing patients with chronic conditions. They complement the work of the traditional sales representatives, delivering critical information to help improve patient outcomes.

    Clinical education gives all stakeholders critical treatment information to help:

    • Increase patient adherence – Meeting directly with practitioners to provide information necessary to facilitate diagnosis, adjust treatment regimens and improve outcomes and patient compliance 
    • Improve stakeholder access – Working one-on-one with patients or disease advocacy groups to ensure thorough knowledge of therapies 
    • Support infrastructure for efficient measurement and reporting – Collecting real-world data to demonstrate the effectiveness and long-term success of therapies

  • The connection between patient adherence and clinical education

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    In this podcast, a patient narrates her experience and her views on working closely with her Clinical Educator to manage her disease and to improve her long term health. Listen here

  • Featured Case Studies

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    Promoting Adherence

    In one of the longest running Quintiles HMS projects, nurse educators provide training on multiple sclerosis and therapy to new patients and their caregivers.  One-year retention rates have improved by 40%, and the program is delivering important benefits in therapy adherence and patient satisfaction. Read case study

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    Expediting Diagnosis

    Fourteen educators reached more than 2000 targeted prescribers, resulting in an increased number of screening tests and earlier diagnosis. The program was so effective that its expansion included the addition of 15 nurses. Read case study

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    Improving Adherence

    Find out how Quintiles’ clinical educators delivered innovative and flexible solutions for a large pharma company, when it asked Quintiles to create a nationwide Diabetes program delivering information on diagnosis, disease state and drug administration. Our team of 75 certified diabetes educators reached more than 345,000 patients and 410,000 healthcare providers over an eight-year partnership to encourage adherence and persistency. Read case study

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Combining specialized knowledge with personal attention, clinical educators can fill the gap between an office visit and a patient’s own disease management. Watch real Quintiles clinical educators, from our US programs, explain their role and narrate their experiences in helping improve health outcomes in the US. View more

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Clinical Educators, also known as Nurse Advisors or Health or Medical Educators, demonstrate changing healthcare providers (HCP) behaviors can increase brand adoption and support sale force objectives. Clinical Educators can improve HCP understanding of the clinical aspects of the brand, drive accuracy in diagnosing patients and successfully engage patients and care-partners to improve treatment regimens, driving brand adoption and adherence, maximizing brand ROI.

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