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    As power shifts from physicians to payers, focusing on the patient experience can help maximize long-term brand value.

    Quintiles helps you demonstrate your product’s value against existing treatments. How? To better understand patient behavior, we capitalize on patient communities to provide patient support, foster patient dialogue and collect rich data on intervention successes and patient outcomes.

    Five ways we explore the patient experience to build brand value

    • Building patient communities – Tailoring patient groups to keep people engaged with their therapy
    • Designing evidence-based programs – Collecting primary and secondary research data for patient-centric strategies that can ultimately support better market access and product adoption
    • Leveraging patient interventions – Branding programs and channels appropriate to patient profiles
    • Gathering feedback and real-world outcomes – Patient community surveys ensure patient reach
    • Communicating with all stakeholders – Working with patient advisory boards and associations

  • Listening to the voice of the patient

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Morna White, Practice Leader, Commercial Strategy at Quintiles, explains how a patient-centric focus can be used to support delivery of brand strategy, innovative sales and marketing solutions, and market entry models.
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  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Understanding the patient experience across a complete continuum of care positions you to demonstrate your brand value. It begins with looking at the problem from a fresh perspective – and embracing the potential offered by adopting a new approach - Patient-Centric Services from Quintiles. Read fact sheet