Cardiac Safety-ECG Monitoring

Reach solutions faster with fully integrated services

Only Quintiles combines global clinical expertise with cardiac safety services. This combination provides comprehensive, precise data delivery that supports faster and better-informed decision-making to identify cardiac risks earlier and help ensure patient safety.

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Central monitoring and analysis for real-time access to ECG reports and summary data, 24/7 investigator and site helpline, quick resolution for data queries, regulatory guidance and more

Expedite cardiac safety with a streamlined process

When you’re tasked with collecting clean, accurate and timely cardiac safety data, why prolong or complicate the process? When cardiac safety and clinical services are operating as a team, the need for data resolution is reduced, shortening the time to database lock. 

Tap the power of collective expertise 

Quintiles houses the industry’s largest staff of cardiologists as well as an interdisciplinary clinical team of worldwide experts who work in tandem with you to deliver data that complies with the highest standards of accuracy in a consistently streamlined timeframe. Because our high-capacity, cost-effective ECG monitoring and analysis services are backed by drug development expertise, Quintiles offers a perspective you won’t find anywhere else, along with efficiency and the flexibility to tailor our services to align with your specific goals. 

Rely on in-house capabilities and functionality

Our integrated services eliminate the need for outside vendors and the potential for inflated costs and unnecessary delays. Our unique approach helps keep you on time, in budget and above standards. 

Achieve the ultimate benchmark of success: patient satisfaction and safety

As your partner, our team shares your goals. Our focus, like yours, is to strive for the highest quality of patient care, and that starts with safety. Quintiles’ clinically supported, centralized approach to safety monitoring and data delivery provides a holistic patient view that serves to identify safety issues and cardiac risks both early on and throughout the trial. 

Highlights of our offering include: 
  • Real-time access to ECG reports and summary data using our online portal, with 24/7 investigator and site helpline. 
  • A proprietary, patent-pending system to flag, manage and quickly resolve data queries. 
  • Central reading standards that exceed ICH/FDA/EMA guidelines. 
  • Guidance to satisfy regulatory requirements and expectations.
  • State-of-the art, high-quality cardiac equipment.

The power of possibilities

Join forces with Quintiles to change the way you approach cardiac safety at any stage of development.

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