Assay Development

With the rise of personalized medicine, drug developers are relying more on novel biomarkers to improve their success


Beyond our extensive menu of nearly 400 tests, you may collaborate with our scientists to develop and validate new assays unique to your trial needs.

Assay Development
Our four assay development laboratories are strategically located in Atlanta, Chicago, Edinburgh and Singapore. 

Each central lab is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and standardized instrumentation, and staffed by dedicated teams of scientists. You'll find the R&D support you need:  
  • Expertise in fluid, tissue and cell-based assay development for biomarker testing.
  • A robust commitment to developing new and emerging biomarkers, adding approximately 100–150 new assays annually.
  • A range of methodologies to address the specific biomarker and assay development demands of your study. 
Through Quintiles' own Translational R&D – Oncology Center of Excellence, our experts in biomarker discovery are providing a better understanding of therapeutic targets, molecular signaling, drug biology and patient response. Those insights add significant value as we develop new assays for your trials.

The power of possibilities

Assay development for novel biomarkers.