Your biological samples are irreplaceable assets in your drug trial, representing a multimillion dollar investment you can’t afford to lose.

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950 employees who are MDs and 900 employees who are PhDs 

All with experience across a number of fields and a particular focus on oncology, cardiovascular, central nervous system and internal medicine.

You can trust Quintiles to preserve the integrity of your biospecimens for as long as you need to store them. Robust SOPs guide our operation and contingency planning to ensure the highest standards of biopreservation.

Our biobank capabilities include:
  • Storage and tracking at multiple temperature levels 
  • Genomic sample banking at -70°C
  • Proactive, comprehensive edit checks upon receiving biological samples
  • Consultation and customized kits for biopsy transportation, receipt, storage and shipment 
  • Customized implementation to your specifications 
  • Liquid nitrogen storage available globally

The power of possibilities