Project Management & Site Support

With the incredible complexity involved in executing testing for global clinical trials, your study's success depends on excellent central labs project management and investigator site support.

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Reduce cost as much as 25% over traditional trial execution approaches

Quintiles provides development solutions that can improve productivity and resource allocation which may reduce costs.

You will work with a highly trained project manager who functions as your single source for information on your central labs tests, simplifying the entire study process and maximizing quality and efficiency.

From study set-up, kit creation, database design and site communication, to sample handling, reporting and database lock, your Quintiles project manager proactively identifies and manages every risk to help ensure you receive consistent, meticulous results when you need them. 

Responsive investigator site support enables better performance:

  • Multilingual investigator support that provides rapid response to inquiries.
  • Language line interpreter services in 144 languages. 
  • Streamlined resolution of data clarifications with validity checking to ensure a clean database. 
  • Rapid communication of alerts to clinical investigator sites. 
  • Visit-specific, user-friendly testing kits to ensure appropriate specimen collection. 
  • Secure online portal enables investigators to view and respond to all lab reports and queries.