Test Capabilities

Extending well beyond basic safety testing, our clinical laboratory services include highly specialized esoteric tests, as well as complex biomarkers.

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Our constantly expanding test menu includes over 400 tests and assays, with capabilities in a full range of laboratory science disciplines, methods, instruments and therapeutic targets.

Consult with Quintiles’ scientists for an end-to-end solution to meet the demands of your clinical program

  • Anatomic pathology & histology
  • Immuno-histochemistry, FISH, Hematology 
  • Chemistry coagulation 
  • Immunoassays
  • Microbiology 
  • Flow cytometry, including customized panels & PBMC preparation 
  • Molecular biology (PCR, RT-PCR, SNP analysis, sequencing, Sequenom Mass Array etc) 
  • Multiplex analysis (Luminex, mesoscale discovery, biochips)
  • LC/MS/MS

The power of possibilities

Clinical laboratory testing expertise.