Clinical Biostatistics

Expertise in biostatistics, clinical trials and how they intersect

Biostatistics in clinical trials isn’t just a necessity. With the right approach, it can be a competitive advantage.


Quintiles was founded by biostatisticians

We can harness the power of clinical data analysis to fuel your clinical trial success.

Quintiles harnesses the power of clinical data analysis to fuel clinical trial success

Leveraging biostatistics in the planning stages of your drug development program, we can help you:

  • Reduce risks.
  • Decrease costs.
  • Accelerate timelines and speed results.
  • Improve the quality of submissions.

Clinical biostatistics strategies can optimize your study design

Our seasoned biostatisticians apply their deep regulatory knowledge to help you navigate the complexities of study design, sample size, number of studies, analysis methods, data displays and interpretations. You’ll also have access to our global pool of experts and resources, providing speed and flexibility with study reporting.

Quintiles has over 850 biostatisticians and statistical programmers, more than 55% of which have at least 5 years experience. Over 85% of biostatisticians hold advanced degrees (Masters, PhD).

The power of possibilities


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