Remote e-Detailing

It’s electronic sales innovation for today’s commercial demands. Let remote e-detailing Increase your sales force reach and productivity without increasing operational risk.


Quintiles has more than 5,600 contract medical sales representatives, a sales force that exceeds that of most biopharmaceutical companies including some Top 25 pharma companies.

Whether our teams offer full remote e-detailing or a combination of face-to-face and remote e-detailing calls, this novel solution enables greater product differentiation and sales impact. Quintiles can deploy and manage electronic detailing teams or hire teams that you manage. Your own electronic sales solution may be customized to the lifecycle stage of your product and scaled to multiple geographies. 

Our solutions are grounded in extensive experience, strong platform and data collection functionality, alignment between sales reps and e-detailing strategy and flexibility.  

Our customized remote e-detailing programs can help you:
  • Increase the contact time with healthcare providers. 
  • Minimize travel, but maintain the ability to contact remote territories. 
  • Expand detailing time and improve recall of delivered messages. 
  • Extend the sales conversation with electronic detailing – longer than face-to-face detailing. 
  • Deliver closed loop marketing and content development through Quintiles Integrated Channel Management Services.
  • Optimize content delivery: no installation, no uploads or downloads, no need for configuration.