Early Clinical Development

A strong foundation to identify the right compound

Because big decisions are crucial to every stage of the drug development process, we start working with you in the earliest stages to get it right from the very beginning.

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Reduce cost by as much as 25% over traditional trial execution approaches

Quintiles provides development solutions that can improve productivity and resource allocation which may reduce costs.

Start with solid information to make confident decisions

Your drug development important choices. As the demand for productivity intensifies, critical assessments made in early phase clinical development become increasingly important in identifying the right opportunities. Early phase insights allow you to make better calls on which drug contenders to pursue.

Make the call based on reliable evidence and proven strategies

We’re with you every step of the way to provide tried-and-true methods and resources that deliver the clarity you need to make go/no-go decisions. 
  • Demonstrated early phase experience – 1,000+ studies from first-in-human trials to studies involving patients and special populations in all major therapeutic areas.
  • Best-in-class predictive tools to confirm compound viability – PK/PD modeling and simulation, early QT analysis and biomarkers.
  • Flexibility to adapt with new findings – Expertise in integrated protocols and adaptive trial designs.
  • Comprehensive early clinical capabilities – Global network of Phase I clinics, bioanalytical labs, ECG labs.

The power of possibilities

From the ground up, Quintiles plays an essential role in helping biopharma companies like yours bring competitive drugs to market. We customize our services to help you find your edge.

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Improve your Probability of Success in Early Clinical
Improve your Probability of Success in Early Clinical

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