Early Clinical Development

Make earlier product viability decisions with more accurate insights into the safety, tolerability, and PK/PD of your drug

Developing a strong clinical strategy at an early stage is critical to long-term clinical success. At Quintiles, we can help you design your protocol and develop operational processes to ensure the right evidence is collected to help you move the next step.

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Reduce cost by as much as 25% over traditional trial execution approaches

Quintiles provides development solutions that can improve productivity and resource allocation which may reduce costs.

Building a solid foundation to improve your probability of clinical success 

The right clinical partner can help set a course of action for downstream success by helping you to make more informed, strategic decisions about your product.
Develop smarter trial designs: Our staff brings deep medical, therapeutic, and operational expertise to help develop your protocol and implement robust processes to deliver accurate, reproducible data.
Access to volunteers and patients: Our established patient network of 23 prime sites and over 1300 partner sites gives you expanded access to both healthy volunteers and difficult to recruit, specialized patient populations.
Collect and analyze quality data: Our experienced team understands that operational processes to be consistent within a study to ensure that high quality data is delivered. Our Phase I units in Overland Park, Kansas and London, UK are staffed with highly trained medical professionals and on-site labs to ensure dosing, lab testing, and data collection is timely and accurate.

An Experienced Partner 

Early phase studies have a unique set of needs. Learn more about how we work with you to develop solutions for your early clinical excellence. 

Your Needs Our Solutions The Result?
Evidence to get to the next stage
  • We'll work with you to plan and design your study processes to identify the best way to collect study data-- and help ensure that the data collected is the right data-- to demonstrate your drug's safety, tolerability and PK/PD.
  • We bring you over 33 years of operational experience conducting early phase studies, underpinned by 13 therapeutic centers of excellence including a respiratory center of excellence within our London Phase I unit.
The evidence you need to make more informed strategic decisions.
Risk management and quality data delivery
  • Our Train-Plan-Prepare method ensures that clinical staff are adequately trained on written SOPs and perform dry runs to ensure assessments are performed effectively.
  • Proactive risks management: your project manager ensures issues are quickly identified, escalated, and communicated.
  • Executive leadership team takes ownership of major & critical issues to ensure accountability and speedy resolution.
You're well informed of any potential risks or issues, and can trust us to ultimately deliver high quality data.
Protect patient and volunteer safety
  • With even the best processes and plans in place, safety issues can happen. We offer 24/7 medical and nurse coverage to ensure patient safety as well as continuous cardiac monitoring and emergency carts on each floor of both our Phase I units.
Confidence that every measure is in place to protect volunteer and patient safety.

An integrated, end-to-end early clinical solution solution Services

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London, UK

Overland Park, Kansas
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Bioequivalence & Bioavailibility
  • First in Human Studies
  • First in Patient Studies

The power of possibilities

From the ground up, Quintiles plays an essential role in helping biopharma companies like yours bring competitive drugs to market. We customize our services to help you find your edge.

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Improve your Probability of Success in Early Clinical

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