Enhance Product Development

Understand what motivates your patients

Quintiles has the access and insights to enhance recruitment and develop relationships, building the long-term patient involvement so vital to product development.

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25% cost reduction

Developed solutions that bring as much as 25% cost reduction over traditional trial execution approaches.

Finding and retaining patients in your clinical trial

Patient enrollment and retention are critical components of your product's success. When you think beyond direct-to-patient recruitment to understanding what motivates your patients, you can find the right patients and keep them committed throughout the trial.

Start with strategy to capitalize on opportunity

To better access patients who are ready to participate in your trials, we can help you develop a digital patient strategy from the outset of the development cycle.

  • Enhance feasibility. Access Quintiles' 3+ million patient community members to gain valuable patient insights into protocol design and their motivations to overcome patient barriers to trial participation. Then, test patient messaging to hone your outreach strategy for recruitment.
  • Supplement recruitment. Using the same methodology that helped us develop the industry's largest network of clinically-profiled patient relationships, Quintiles can access 2.4 billion digitally connected patients around the globe to enroll them in your trial quickly and predictably.
  • Ensure retention. We help you to develop patient relationship strategies throughout the trial, using customized messaging and outreach based on individual patient profiles – results of which have led to increases in retention rates of up to 59%.

We can transform your clinical trials with digital services that drive successful development.

The power of possibilities

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