Enriched Studies

Real-World Results®: Integrate existing healthcare and prospective data for more robust, patient-centered insights in real-world research

As demand increases for real-world evidence, sponsors need to generate stronger evidence and answer more questions for multiple stakeholders.

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Quintiles has delivered more than 625 real-world & late phase programs

involving more than 96,000 sites and more than 810,000 enrolled patients since 2011.

A purely prospective approach to real-world research can result in long timelines and high costs – and still may not answer all of your questions. Our Outcome® software and Enriched studies integrate the wealth of existing healthcare data now available with primary data from physicians and patients, enriched prospective studies can to greatly increase the amount of information available on your target population, helping you dig deeper into the everyday practice of medicine.

Experience that transforms studies from the start

After working with thousands of sites and millions of patients across the globe, we draw on our local know-how and guidance from our 14 Therapeutic Centers of Excellence to help you build a comprehensive enriched studies program. Other key enablers for these studies include:

  • Healthcare data partnerships: Access to millions Electronic Health Records through the Quintiles EHR database, Quintiles COMPASS Distributed Data Network and partnerships with global data providers
  • Scientific study design: Epidemiologists, biostatisticians, pharmacists, health economists, and clinicians deliver Real-World Results® studies through using consultation and specialized expertise for study design and Outcome® analytics leveraging existing healthcare and primary data
  • Specialized execution expertise: Study teams experienced in working with existing healthcare and primary data in one study
  • Data integration: EHR data architects and tools to integrate existing and primary data in a single analytic dataset enabling our Outcome® studies
  • Streamlined site ID / start-up: Tools and processes to enable site identification leveraging existing healthcare data and Real-World® Results services

Strengthen observational research at every step

With Quintiles Enriched Studies offering you can secure greater insights and stronger evidence with a higher degree of confidence, in addition to a range of benefits, including:

  • Value:  Increased ROI by answering multiple questions for multiple stakeholders through a single study
  • Earlier Insights:  Generate greater insights and extract value sooner by leveraging existing healthcare data
  • Evidence:  Improve validation of exposures and endpoints
  • Timelines:  Streamlined study execution and patient recruitment through improved physician and patient targeting
  • Patient-Centricity:  Enrichment of existing data with patient-reported data
  • Participation:  Improved site and patient participation by reducing data collection burden
  • Innovation:  Creation of integrated data platform for ongoing analyses

Look back to move forward

The future of our Outcome® observational research integrates the past and the prospective. Take an efficient path to more insightful results with Quintiles Enriched Studies and Real-World Results® service offerings.

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>19M patients in observational and quality improvement programs since 2004
>180 patient registries and observational studies since 2011
Access to ~21M patient lives with ~8M active records through the COMPASS network
Video Spotlights
Enriched Studies overview by Dr. Nancy Dreyer
Enriched Studies overview by Dr. Nancy Dreyer