Functional Service Providers

Drive your drug development with clinical trial outsourcing solutions that rein in costs, ensure quality and safety, and accelerate timelines with our Global Functional Resourcing (GFR) services

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Focus on core competencies while outsourcing clinical trial functions

Quintiles can help you maximize global consistency and variabilize your cost structure.

Customizing our FSP model on a portfolio, geographic or therapeutic basis, we can:

  • Provide resources – people, processes and systems – across multiple studies in any therapeutic area
  • Help you access new markets, or exit an existing market, while minimizing fixed costs and investments in physical infrastructure
  • Manage and execute a full therapeutic portfolio on your behalf
  • Drive productivity through Six Sigma, business productivity management and other continuous improvement methodologies
Optimizing clinical trial delivery

With the cost of drug development skyrocketing, biopharma needs to adopt strategies to help capture efficiencies and contain budgets. A good clinical services provider is crucial to helping deliver these results, but the right clinical services provider can help go beyond time and cost efficiencies to optimize processes, ensure high quality data delivery, and protect patient safety across a study, program, or portfolio and improve your probability of success.

Resourcing that scales up & down to meet your project’s needs

Throughout the course of your clinical pipeline, and through the lifecycle of individual studies, resource needs ebb and flow. Having a team that can quickly scale up or down is essential to containing costs while ensuring delivery is smooth.

At Quintiles, our Functional Service Provider (FSP) solutions through our Global Functional Resourcing (GFR) group, can help you staff up and down easily by engaging with you early to help develop a custom staffing for optimal staffing at any point in the lifecycle. We have 32,000 employees in 100 countries, bringing you global access with local expertise including local language capabilities in all major regions

Your success is our success

Collaboration is at the core of our FSP solutions with shared goals and accountability at every level.
  • Governance models:  Our GFR team will work with you to establish a robust governance structure for accountability at the executive level and to establish clear lines of communicating for swift issue escalation and resolution
  • Transition management expertise:  Our team of transition management experts are here to help ensure  seamless integration with your teams, systems, and processes with minimal disruption to service delivery
  • Process excellence knowledge: Identify opportunities for improvements to processes that increase productivity
Full service and stand-alone clinical services

Quintiles offers custom FSP solutions to meet your specific needs. Services include:
  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Study management
  • Study start up
  • Data Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Medical writing
  • Global regulatory affairs
Operational expertise and flexibility

There are several functional service providers on the market, but how do you select the right one? Working with BPOs gives you resourcing flexibility on a global scale, but don’t bring strong clinical operational expertise. Working with niche CROs gives you operational expertise, but they may not be able to meet your needs on a global scale. At Quintiles, our GFR Team provides both the operational expertise and the flexibility needed not only to reduce costs & time while increasing productivity, but ensuring high quality operational delivery to ensure data is accurate and patients are safe. Plus, we offer operational insights that optimize processes across programs or portfolios to help you capture the most value from your clinical program.

The power of possibilities

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