Remote e-Detailing

It’s electronic sales innovation for today’s commercial demands. Let remote e-detailing increase your sales force reach and productivity without increasing operational risk.


Experience in remote e-detailing projects in >10 countries and >15 therapeutic areas

Complete the capabilities of your workforce with virtual engagement

As an example, your existing sales representatives might be restricted in the number of times they are allowed to visit physicians. In some cases, they might never get past the reception desk because of the unwillingness of Healthcare professionals (HCPs) to receive them. Give your sales representatives the tools and capabilities to provide HCPs your information when and where they would like to receive it.

Present your content when your audience is ready 

Engage with HCP’s at a time and place that is convenient to them. Schedule calls in advance at a suitable time – e.g. early morning, lunch break, after practice hours.

Use our experience – platform, people and processes – and make them work for you. As part of your wider digital strategy, remote e-detailing could be one option for your brand. Through Quintiles’ proprietary platform and analytical capabilities, we can equip your sales representatives, MSLs or other customer-facing teams with a platform that is easy to use while providing you with the right information to help you measure the effectiveness.  Some of the information provided includes: 
  • Call rates
  • Call duration
  • HCP feedback 
Using virtual engagement in combination with your existing field sales teams and other digital channels, can increase the coverage of your target audience while offering them a different way to learn more about your product. 

If you have been thinking of trying a new and different approach to market your product, contact us today!

The power of possibilities

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Quintiles Live! Remote Detailing
Quintiles Live! Remote Detailing