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    Observational studies provide information about how treatments perform in patients under standard care

    Gathering evidence of your product’s value goes beyond winning market approval. Observational research in real-world settings helps you develop the full picture of safety, effectiveness and quality to satisfy regulators, payers, patients and providers.

    Leading expertise in observational and real-world research

    Quintiles brings leading expertise in observational and real-world research including:

    • Patient registries – Collect valuable data about how products perform in real-world conditions
    • Patient-reported outcomes – Support treatment benefits and claims in approved product labeling
    • Safety surveillance / REMS – Track long-term safety outcomes, mitigate risk or monitor off-label use
    • Effectiveness / CER – Demonstrate effectiveness or comparative effectiveness in different populations
    • Health outcomes / health economics – Support formulary approval or secure favorable reimbursement
    • Retrospective healthcare data – Access electronic health records through our databases and networks

  • Expertise in the full range of observational studies

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Comparative effectiveness research (CER) is used to improve patient outcomes by providing all stakeholders with more information. Learn the strengths and limitations of CER approaches. Read white paper

  • Quintiles Clinical Trails

    Stakeholders demand different types and rigors of evidence—no matter the approach or research question, we have you covered. Learn how Quintiles helps meet any research objective.  Read brochure