Market Entry/Exit

Forging a path for global access and success

Whether your goal is to enter existing or emerging markets, or to maintain a presence in established ones, you need local knowledge supported by global resources. With Quintiles, you have an experienced partner to navigate through government and private systems on a national, regional or local level.

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A solid infrastructure allows you to gear up or scale down

Whether you’re just entering or phasing out of a market, in one region or in multiple countries, it’s critical to have a strong foundation in place so that you can target the right audiences, focus on appropriate stakeholders and anticipate challenges to ensure patients have access to innovative treatments. Although it’s crucial to lay the groundwork first, it’s easy to get caught in the details and lose sight of the global picture. 

Trust an accomplished team to put you in the right position

As you explore different markets, Quintiles has resources and experience in government, private, national and regional sectors you can rely on to facilitate successful entries and exits. We can help you choose markets with high potential, and then implement a comprehensive tailored plan to enable fast uptake of your product. We can assist with formulary procedures, identify high-prescribing physicians, build sales teams and establish infrastructure. When you’re ready to minimize your presence, Quintiles can streamline and manage the day-to-day operations, keeping sales on track.

The power of possibilities

With global scale and deep local expertise, Quintiles provides customers across the globe with multiple options for market entry and exit.

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