Market Intelligence

View the marketplace through a clearer lens

Our market intelligence experts hone in on the right strategies to help your product capitalize on its clinical and commercial value.

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100% of the top 100 best-selling products or compounds

Quintiles helped develop or commercialize 100% of the top 100 best-selling products or compounds of 2013.

Find strategies to drive successful implementation and results

There certainly are many receptive markets for improved therapeutics and life-saving devices; however, new challenges have emerged from healthcare reform, stricter regulatory guidelines and new payer influences. The ability to confidently establish your position in the market will take the experience and foresight of a proven leader.

Turn our vast experience into your practical planning

Wherever you are in your product lifecycle, Quintiles can improve the probability of your clinical and commercial success with early and accurate market intelligence. Our market intelligence experts can provide direct access to our proprietary tools for pharma market research, decision modeling and analytics. Drawing on 30 years of clinical and commercial experience, we translate rich market insights into practical plans.

The impact of market intelligence is measurable:

  • Understand your marketplace to provide effective opportunity assessments.
  • Identify and model new product acceptance, strategic positioning, behaviorally based market segments and product forecasting.
  • Maximize value using linked model revenue/pricing, techniques to develop communications platforms, and competitive readiness and response analyses.

The power of possibilities

Quintiles’ market research expertise extends into all therapeutic areas and across geographic locations around the world. It’s an approach to market research that’s grounded in reality and designed for action.

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