Observational Research & Registries

Real-World Results®. Maximize the potential of real-world evidence

Gathering real world evidence of your product’s value doesn't end at market approval. Quintiles' leading expertise in observational research helps you clearly demonstrate how treatments perform in the real world with patients receiving standard care.

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GRACE (Good Research for Comparative Effectiveness) Initiative

Quintiles led the development of the GRACE checklist for designing higher quality observational research.

Your stakeholders, including regulators, payers, patients and providers, are looking beyond market approval; they want to see that your product can deliver proven, tangible value. Through observational research in real-world settings, you gather the real world evidence needed to develop a robust story of safety, effectiveness and quality to clearly detail your product’s performance, including how it’s helping those who need it most.


Quintiles Scientific Affairs: The right choice for real-world scientific expertise

The Right Approach for the Right Question®

Generate the evidence you need to demonstrate the value stakeholders demand in the real world

Quintiles brings leading expertise gained from more than >180 observational and real-world research studies, including:

  • Patient registries. Collect valuable data about how products perform in real-world conditions.
  • Patient-reported outcomes. Support treatment benefits and claims in approved product labeling.
  • Safety surveillance/REMS. Track long-term safety outcomes, mitigate risk and monitor off-label use.
  • Effectiveness/CER. Demonstrate effectiveness or comparative effectiveness in different populations.
  • Health outcomes/Health economics. Support formulary approval or secure favorable reimbursement.
  • Retrospective healthcare data. Access electronic healthcare records through our Outcome® databases and networks.

The power of possibilities

Realizing maximum success for your product doesn’t end at market approval. Quintiles will work with you to answer every question completely, accurately and efficiently, from every stakeholder about your product’s real-world impact.

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