Patient Engagement Services

Strong commercial success depends on the strength of relationships

Support from patients plays a key role in determining your product’s commercial success. Quintiles specializes in helping brands form connections and reinforce bonds with patients throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle – from clinical development through commercialization. As an industry leader in direct-to-patient research, we are poised to help build strong bridges between your product and the patients you serve.

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>400 direct-to-patient studies

More than 400 direct-to-patient studies in more than 30 countries conducted since 2008.

Patient Support Programs: Build longevity and acceptance through patient support

The commercial and clinical success of new and existing drugs relies on patients being involved in their treatment decisions, confident to accept and initiate the prescribed therapy, and empowered to engage in long term adherence and self-management required to achieve optimal outcomes.

Patient support programs have a positive impact on adherence, clinical and humanistic outcomes, as well as reducing healthcare utilisation and costs.

Insight-driven programme design enables

Support programs are growing in importance as the traditional transactional exchange between the biopharma company and the patient shifts towards a relationship based on highly personalized support.

Here at QuintilesIMS, we understand how to build effective relationships that keep patients involved and engaged in the long term. We have the capabilities, knowledge and experience to provide an end-to-end service, from insights & analysis, through design and development, and implementation.

Direct and ongoing access to patients, healthcare professionals, payers and market insights are fundamental to successful patient support programs.

The power of possibilities

Quintiles’ Patient Engagement Services allow you to harness the many insights quality patient relationships offer. Unleashing those insights and exploring the impact they have can help you and your patients benefit from more opportunities and greater success.

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