Patient Recruitment

Smarter strategies to optimize enrollment

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), more than 80% of clinical trials in the US fail to meet their patient recruitment timelines – delays that can increase costs, deplete resources and prolong your path to market.


50% more patients recruited through partner sites network

With Quintiles' Partner Sites, we enroll up to 50% more patients per month – 50% faster enrollment.

Build and strengthen communications

Recruitment is a complex process involving not only patients but physicians, sponsors, trials professionals and research staff. Hindered by tight timelines and often fragmented communications, recruitment rates can be disappointingly low. A partner who can facilitate strong relationships with investigators and sites and quickly connect with patient populations helps keep your trials on track.

A proven solution

Through Quintiles Right Start, we help you streamline processes to achieve faster, more accurate timelines and accelerate patient recruitment. Partner with us for access to:
  • Partner sites network – Quintiles has 1,200+ high-performing sites across 20 countries, more than any other CRO. These sites enroll 50% more patients than non-partner sites.
  • Prime sites – We have relationships with large hospitals/systems capable of enrolling hundreds of patients each per year.
  • Proprietary digital patient communities – Including our flagship platforms, and connect to over 3 million patients.
  • Global reach, local insight – When you need trusted patient recruitment expertise in non-traditional regions, Quintiles delivers.

The power of possibilities

Quintiles has the tools, connections, insights and expertise to help you meet your recruitment goals.

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