Clinical Trial Educators

Patient enrollment and retention are key drivers of successful study start up. That’s where clinical trial educators can help.

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580 clinical educators across 20 therapeutic areas

Quintiles has more than 580 clinical educators across 20 therapeutic areas.

Quintiles pioneered the role of clinical trial educators to help studies move faster by providing educational support to sites at initiation and throughout the trial. Our clinical trial educators accelerate patient enrollment, improve patient retention and train site staff.

Clinical trial educators are especially effective for studies featuring:

  • Complex or nontraditional patient pathways (i.e., initial point of care may not be the principal investigator).
  • Compressed timelines for diagnoses and enrollment. 
  • Complex protocols requiring intense initial education and ongoing reinforcement. 
  • Required training for drug administration and testing for site staff or patients. 
  • Intense competition for similar patient populations and investigative staff.

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Insights on clinical trial educators.

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