Phase II/III Clinical Trials

Smarter trial management every step of the way

Quintiles guides you through the high-stakes phases of clinical development with greater stability and efficiency. We have the extensive Phase II/III experience, unrivaled therapeutic and operational insights, and data-driven tools and processes to help you manage complexities and avoid costly missteps.

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Nearly 1M patients enrolled in studies

In 10 years, we enrolled nearly 1M patients in studies at over 100,000 sites worldwide with an 87% on-time enrollment rate.

Maximize value while reducing risk

Faced with longer timelines, low predictability, escalating costs and increasing regulatory demands, clinical trials are under intense pressure to succeed.

Facilitate success with renewed confidence

Quintiles combines clinical expertise and technology solutions to manage complex trials efficiently and effectively while helping to plan for a successful product launch.

Our distinct approach is built on:
  • Expertise with over 30 years of experience and data insights.
  • Therapeutic expertise at every stage of development with 14 Therapeutic Centers of Excellence.
  • Advanced analytics, providing adaptability as the trial progresses; Quintiles was named to Information Week Top 500 list for 5 consecutive years.
  • Local understanding of cultures and regulatory issues with 30,000 employees doing business in more than 100 countries.
  • Global site network of 25 Prime sites, access to 1,200 partner sites and 30,00 partner sites.
  • Fully integrated interdisciplinary services around the globe.
And enables:
  • Faster start-up – up to 30% faster start-up in certain therapeutic areas.
  • Efficient patient recruitment – 50% more patients/site on average from Quintiles Partner sites.
  • Streamlined clinical monitoring for better trial performance.
  • Improved productivity and resource allocation – as much as 25% cost reduction over traditional trial execution approaches.

The power of possibilities

Navigate Phase II/III clinical trials with an established leader.

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