Precision Medicine

A better process for better predictions

Quintiles provides comprehensive clinical services and genomic technologies across the entire continuum of drug development. With a precision medicine strategy, we can help you identify the right pathways, biomarkers and patient populations that will enable you to better predict the long-term safety and efficacy of your products.

Expression Analysis

Drawing on experience

Quintiles helped develop or commercialize 98 of the top 100 best-selling products of 2014. And that's just the start of the extensive experience we've had connecting insights in the field.

Better processes to help you predict long term efficacy.

Quintiles provides comprehensive product development services to deliver precision medicine solutions you can count on. Together with our central laboratory provider, Q2 Solutions, A Quintiles Quest Joint Venture, we offer end-to-end services like biomarker identification, validation, patient screening and more, we have precisely what you need to identify disease markers and patient populations to implement your precision medicine strategy.

Accelerate the path to precision medicine

Let our experience and insights help you to avoid obstacles and optimize your path to developing new personalized medicines and associated diagnostics.

  • Insight: draw from the scientific insights and commercial understanding of 14 Therapeutic Centers of Excellence
  • Data: Extra valuable insights through real-world evidence-based outcomes data from >61M patient lives via EHRs since 2004
  • Innovation: Adopt innovative new strategies for patient selection. We've developed dramatically more efficient means of enrolling rare, biomarker-defined patients, leveraging established site relationships

End-to-end integration

From discovery through design to commercialization

Our services span the development and commercialization spectrum. We can begin with biomarker identification programs in early development and then progressively develop candidate biomarkers into research-appropriate tests and market-ready companion diagnostics.

Early clinical development Recruitment and enrollment Post-approval
Genomics can help to identify patients who may respond most appropriately to a particular therapeutic. These results can help stratify populations in later phase trials.

Enriching study populations using predictive biomarkers may improve efficacy signals while reducing drug development costs and timelines.

Genomic insight can be used to optimize treatment decisions and ensure that the right drug is used to treat the right patient at the right time.

The power of possibilities

Learn more about how we can help you implement your precision medicine strategy to improve your probability of success.

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