Quality Improvement for Providers

Demonstrate continuous service quality improvement through our clear and convincing Outcome® data

Quintiles offers comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective service quality improvement (QI) solutions for collecting, tracking and reporting outcomes data. Our Quintiles heritage combined with expanded expertise from Outcome & Encore® can help.

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2,500 hospitals in quality improvement programs

Quintiles has engaged with more than 2,500 hospitals participating in the American Heart Association's Get With The Guidelines® quality improvement program.

Help patients get the care and the outcomes they deserve

Safety and efficacy extends to how your product is administered to the patients you serve. In order to grant certification and reimbursement privileges, stakeholders are increasingly demanding evidence of continuous service quality improvement (QI) in patient care. For those with dedicated systems in place for collecting, tracking and reporting outcomes data, this is a demand that can be met efficiently and cost-effectively.

A complete solution for total service quality improvement tracking and reporting

Regardless of how many QI initiatives you’re responsible for, Quintiles can help you manage them effectively and seamlessly. A recognized leader in outcomes reporting and measurement, we have a patented outcomes data collecting, tracking and reporting system that’s interoperable with a growing number of practice management systems and electronic health records (EHR). Additionally, all of our QI offerings are backed by intuitive technology, excellent customer service and high-quality training services.

Our QI programs include:


The power of possibilities

Easily manage and submit your data for programs that can help improve the treatment and drive better outcomes for the patients you serve, while attaining the certification and reimbursement you need. Partner with the leader in outcomes reporting and measurement to your commitment to continuous quality improvement in patient care with Real-World Results® services..

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Quintiles has delivered 625 Real-World & Late Phase Programs since 2011
Access to ~21M patient lives with ~8M active records through the COMPASS network
Quintiles has had more than 19M patients in observational and quality improvement programs since 2004