Quintiles Right Start 

Better beginnings. Optimal outcomes.

Start-up delays and late completions don’t have to be part of your drug development story. With Quintiles Right Start, you’ll find a comprehensive, integrated solution that helps speed enrollment, minimize risk and maximize efficiencies.


Up to 30% faster start-up timelines in certain therapeutic areas

Upfront planning for downstream success

Up to 70% of clinical trials experience study start-up delays and nearly half are completed late. Ensuring the best possible performance right from the start is critical to on-time trial execution. You need a holistic perspective and proactive planning approach, informed by the best data available, to position your study for ultimate success.

An end-to-end solution for streamlining start-up

Quintiles Right Start is a comprehensive, integrated solution designed to optimize performance at every stage of the process – simultaneously minimizing risk and maximizing efficiencies. Encompassing feasibility and design diligence, site identification, selection and contracting, regulatory and ethics submission, essential document management and patient recruitment, it’s available as a stand-alone solution or as part of a full-service engagement.

Through Quintiles Right Start, you have access to our proprietary data-driven tools and processes, industry expertise and global relationships. The result? Reduced downstream delays owing to upfront strategic insight. Our solution has demonstrated up to 30% faster start-up in certain therapeutic areas.

Apply the Quintiles Right Start solution to your clinical trial in order to:
  • Facilitate enrollment – 87% of participating trials have achieved on-time enrollment.
  • Utilize a more strategic approach to country, site and enrollment planning that originates from a strong foundation of Quintiles’ data-driven tools and analytics.
  • Access our highly rated site database, optimized contracting processes, and extensive knowledge of current local regulatory and ethics requirements – all of which can help you better navigate start-up complexities.
  • Identify eligible patients through our online tools and digital community with more than 3 million patients.
  • Convert eligible patients using country-specific, multi-channel outreach and recruitment tools.
  • Achieve up to 45% faster investigator contracting timelines.
  • Gain an average of 50% more patients per site per month recruited at Quintiles Partner Sites.

See how our Right Start process works – from start to finish.

The power of possibilities

Study delays can keep your product out of the hands of the patients who need them and can also put millions in potential revenue at risk. Quintiles Right Start is designed to help put your study on the right path from the very beginning – positioning your product for clinical and commercial success.

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