Real-World & Late Phase Strategy

Finding the right approach for the right questions

Healthcare stakeholders are increasingly seeking evidence to support regulatory, reimbursement and prescribing decisions, but different stakeholders demand different types and rigors of evidence. No matter the approach or research question, we have you covered to maximize value and contain costs in real world and late phase research.

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>530 Real-World & Late Phase Programs

Quintiles has delivered more than 530 Real-World & Late Phase Programs since 2011

Develop the best evidence portfolio

Peri- and post-approval, your product raises new questions for regulators, payers, providers and patients. As stakeholders seek evidence to support healthcare decisions, real-world and late phase research becomes critical to the success of your product. New studies need to provide answers while factoring in emerging scientific standards for design, operations, analysis and quality assurance.

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Comprehensive evidence development: Take advantage of industry-leading expertise

Having an experienced partner at your side is of the utmost importance as you build your evidence portfolio. Quintiles offers comprehensive evidence development in the full range of observational and real-world research so that you can fully demonstrate the safety, effectiveness and quality of your product to key stakeholders.

  • Patient registries – Experience in conducting product, disease and pregnancy registries.
  • Quality of life and patient-reported outcomes – Evidence to support benefits/claims in product labeling.
  • Safety outcomes/REMS – Safety and risk monitoring over longer periods of time; also monitoring off-label use.
  • Comparative effectiveness – Studies to provide evidence of effectiveness in different populations.
  • Health outcomes/health economics – Critical support for formulary approval or reimbursement efforts.
  • Real-world data for healthcare decision making – Our databases and healthcare data networks consist of more than 61 million patient records.

The power of possibilities

Quintiles has delivered more than 530 Real-World & Late Phase Programs, involving more than 74,000 sites and more than 650,000 enrolled patients in more than 100 countries since 2011.

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Quintiles has delivered more than 530 Real-World & Late Phase Programs.
Quintiles has access to more than 61 million patient records.
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